Financial Accountability 

At Eastern Sky Theatre Company (ESTC), we strive to honor God and those who support our work in the way we manage finances. We value the trust of our donors and are prayerful about how we spend. We know that every gift is a seed that can help transform lives through sharing pictures of God’s heart.

We work hard to keep our overhead expenses low so that we can use as much of our funds as possible on the defined services and programs of ESTC. We are blessed to have a tremendous team of volunteers who believe in our mission and give generously of their time, talents and services to provide many of the program and administrative services of the organization. In the past year, we used 82% of our total operating expenses for our defined program services including charitable giving to other organizations that provide similar services in various communities. Please read our general financial breakdown below. Additional information including current taxes and profit & loss statement is available upon request. 


2018 Spending Breakdown:

  • 76% Program

  • 14% Administrative

  • 8% Charitable Giving (to organizations with similar missions)

  • 4% Fundraising (incl. banking fees from donations)


Our revenue comes from private donors, church support, and honorariums for specific services provided.



The taxes of Eastern Sky Theatre Company are prepared by Arxis Financial, Inc. of Simi Valley, CA.