Live Productions

Each production is categorized by the genre of the performance and has the description, running time and subject matters displayed underneath each production title. 



The Price

What if Jesus could stop and talk to you and I on His way to Calvary? He just might share with us why He chose to pay the price and give us understanding of our enemy.

12 Minute Drama.

Subjects:  Salvation, The Gospel



Titus Freeman is on Death Row. He has one final visit with his mother before his day of execution. 

10 Minute Drama

Subjects:  Redemption, Salvation

Estoy Aqui

A young mother is told she’s pregnant. While trying to deciding whether or not to abort she is visited by her unborn daughter who asks her for a chance to live. -

5 Minute Drama To Music

Subjects: Grace, Pro-Life

Off The Ledge

A young father named Taylor tries to talk a man down from jumping off of a bridge by sharing his own testimony of grace and second chances.  

5 Minute Dramatic Monologue

Subjects: Grace, Jesus The Savior, Second Chances

Clear the Stage

Vignettes of different people distracted from God by various idols (TV, Money, People) slowly come to realization and begin to worship in spirit and truth.  

5 Minute Drama To Music

Subjects: God First, Worship

Training for Triumph

A father works with his son for the big game on Saturday where he will be scouted by colleges. He shares the truth and importance of momentary hard work and even suffering for the greater gains of character and triumph.

7 Minute Drama

Subjects: Perseverance, Strength In Our Weakness, Training For Victory

The Voices

A bad day in the life of a troubled teenage girl who begins to listen to voices telling her to end her life BUT the voice of the Holy Spirit strengthens her and helps her press forward.  

10 Minute Drama

Subjects: Our Identity In Christ, Self-Worth, Suicide


We see how Christ knew our faults from the beginning yet chose death so that we might fearlessly face the challenges of life and death. This production incorporates the 10 Minute Drama titled, REDEEMED. - 30 Minute Musical Drama with Dance

Subjects: Fearlessness Through Jesus, Redemption, Salvation, The Gospel


A veteran and his wife accidentally bump into a drug dealer who’s on the run from a deal gone bad. After the vet shares his story the dealer questions whether redemption could truly be for him.  

 10 Minute Drama

Subjects: Grace, Redemption, Salvation, Spiritual Warfare


A family is sent out by their home church to do ministry meets the challenges of the call. Through it all Jesus is with them, guiding them, and strengthening them.  

5 Minute Drama set to Music (Live Music Video)

Subjects:  Challenges of Life, His Strength In Our Weakness, Redemption

His Family Reunion

God the Father arrives at His final attempt to save his creation. In the company of God the Spirit He expresses His anguish over the decision to send His Son. His comfort is found in knowing He sends Jesus into the arms of Mary.

10 Minute Drama/ Dance

Subjects: Father's Day, God's Love, God's Sacrifice, Mother's Day




Three people approach God each in their unique way with their individual life issues in prayer. We see the Father’s response to true worship.

7 Minute Musical Dramedy

Subjects: Prayer, Worship

Where Is The Love?

An angel is sent to encourage a young modern day father who loses his job by explaining how Joseph (father of Jesus) felt when there was “no more room at the Inn”.

 30 Minute Musical Dramedy with Dance

Subjects: Challenges of Life, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day

The Struggle Is Real

An Asian American engineer steps into the office for a big job interview but is surprised to see an African American boss looking back at him. Both Christians display their prejudices and narrow minded thinking before a faithful co-worker and friend challenges their witness for Christ.

12 Minute Dramedy

Subjects: Depression, God's Love, Racism



Can Somebody Just Pray For Me!?

The typical crazy church scenarios when folks break into prayer circles.  

7 Minute Comedy

Subjects: Prayer

It's All In a Prayer

God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit discuss people’s lack of knowledge and the importance of prayer over a game of racquetball.

10 Minute Inspirational Comedy

Subjects: Prayer, God's Love, The Call


A young student comes home from a mission’s trip to her adoring Christian parents to tell them she is going back permanently to her new found life as a missionary. She has discovered that she is not only born again but has a new destiny in Christ.

7 Minute Comedy

Subjects: Giving, Family, Identity in Christ, Serving

Time to Tithe

After the pastor extends the opportunity to give into the church tithes and offerings we hear the thoughts of four members in the pews. We discover how blessed it is to give. 

7 Minute Inspirational Comedy

Subjects: Giving, Tithe



Mary Did You Know

Christmas (seasonal) dance to Pentatonix’ version of “Mary Did You Know”

5 Minute Worship Dance

Subjects: Christmas, The Call

He Wants It All

Powerful dance to the hit gospel song, “He Wants It All”.

5 Minute Lyrical Dance

Subjects: God First, Surrender, The Call

Mirror Mirror

One young woman recognizes that her sister/friend’s self- image is being tormented by the mirror and all that it represents in this superficial world. She helps her sister to find her true identity.  

2 1/2 Minute Dance Drama

Subjects: Self-Worth, Identity In Christ,Worship

You know me

A dance sharing the intimate caring and love our Heavenly Father has for each of us as He knows us more intimately than anyone.  

 2 Minute Worship Dance

Subjects: God's Love, Self-Worth,Worship

Draw Me

The world tries in many ways to pull our focus from time with God but He is drawing us near always. This is a beautiful heart cry to the Lord. 3 Minute Dance

Subjects: Relationship With God, Worship